Industrial Biotechnology Platform

based on BioXM

With our Knowledge Management Platform for Industrial Biotechnolgy we offer a pre-configured platform, including genomes, variants, pathways and experiments, which allows to integrate your proprietary data and connect it with public data in order to gain new insights.

    Your benefits

    Your Benefits

    • Connect your own strains with genomes, genomic variant data, fermentation, multi-omics, pathway and process data
    • Store, link, analyze and visualize any kind of proprietary data and put it in context with public data
    • Extend our pre-configured platform to your own needs and perform queries across your data to gain new insights
    • Share data and knowledge among user groups and teams and keep track of ongoing projects.

    Why choose us

    Why choose LabVantage-Biomax?

    • We offer you a pre-configured platform to create your own tailor-made knowledge solution.
    • Our platform already contains a large number of databases, tools and use cases that are relevant for this area. 
    • The knowledge model behind this platform is fully configurable according to your special needs.
    • Our professionals, who will advise you throughout the complete process, have a background in biology and look back on many years of experience.

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