Transform data into actionable knowledge for Systems Medicine

Our Solution: Systems Medicine Platform

We offer an integrated digital platform for data integration, data enrichment with public information, interoperability and integrated care. Our highly flexible modular solutions are the key for systems medicine clinical applications. With this multidisciplinary approach we support you in an advance health and care for patients.

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The importance of Systems Medicine

Your benefits

Your benefits at a glance for Healthcare and Medicine

  • Translating systems medicine into clinical practice
  • Clinical decision support system (CDSS)
  • Supporting diagnosis, prognosis and therapy decision
  • Connecting proprietary data with prior knowledge for a personalized medicine approach
  • Patient stratification for improved diagnosis
  • Making use of diverse datasets for prevention and treatment strategies

Your benefits at a glance for Pharma and Biotech

  • Supporting biomarker discovery for prediction of treatment response
  • Using a systems approach (e.g. disease maps) for drug development and drug repurposing

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