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​​Vision and Mission

Our vision is a future where access to knowledge is seamless and effortless, shaping the way people interact with information and fostering an environment that drives innovation.

Our mission is to empower organizations to break free from information silos and discover new insights from the most relevant and reliable sources to drive innovation and progress by leveraging the power of Al, knowledge graphs and semantic search.

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We help you to transform data into knowledge.

Our team of experts, including life scientists, data scientists and software developers, have developed a range of standard products especially for the pharma, biotech, agriculture, food and healthcare sectors, based on our BioXM™ technology platform – the fully configurable and customizable Knowledge Management Environment.



For semantic integration
and search


Your knowledge hub
for neuroimaging data

In addition, we offer pre-configured solutions for Industrial Biotech and Systems Medicine. Each of these platforms can be easily and quickly adapted to specific customer needs.

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