Find predictive biomarkers from multimodal brain imaging

our solution: NICARA

Exploring morphometry and connectome-derived biomarkers, e.g., for clinical trials. NICARA extracts features from structural, diffusion and functional MRI with an unequalled precision.

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Neuroimaging-derived biomarkers for clinical trials

Your benefits

Your benefits at a glance

  • Process neuroimaging data in a fully automated and standardized fashion
  • Get the highest neuroimaging quality available today
  • Combine different imaging modalities such as Surface Base Morphometry, DTI Scalars and DTI tractography in one tool to arrive at most predictive biomarkers
  • Use latest brain atlases such as HCP MMP 1.0 for highest interoperability of your results
  • Compare your results directly to data from publicly funded sources such as ADNI, HCP or UK Biobank

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