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The Viscovery® Data Mining Suite provides a powerful visual approach to high-performance data mining and predictive modeling.

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The Viscovery software provides data scientists as well as business users with a versatile and powerful set of data mining tools. Even users without a statistical background can visualize highly complex data sets, recognize dependences and create predictive models.

The Viscovery software was developed based on a deep understanding of analytical methods in a wide variety of industries. Even the most complex medical and life science data becomes easier to interpret and use.

Your benefits

Your Benefits

  • Perform gene expression analysis
  • Explore biological data patterns and identify biomarkers
  • Improve medical diagnostics and pathological classification
  • Analyze patient risk, treatment and prescription costs
  • Optimize healthcare systems
  • Improve clinical research
  • Stream-line biotechnology processes

More details

Analyze huge quantities of data

Using the combined power of self-organizing maps (SOMs) and robust statistics, Viscovery technology allows users to represent huge quantities of information on a single screen and visually reveal the essence of complex data.

Easily build predictive models

Guided by workflows, users import their data and build models that enable visual exploration of clusters and dependences.

Statistical methods and advanced analytics can be deployed for predictive modeling, classification and forecasting of processes and outcomes based on key attributes.

Visually compare and explore

The Viscovery suite provides multiple capabilities to define segmentation and scoring, to test and validate models, and to evaluate the application results.

Workflow branching allows the generation of model variations for comparison, exploration and hypothesis generation.

Integrate with enterprise knowledge management

Viscovery models can be shared easily to enrich decision making with visual information — so you can use all your data to increase productivity, effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage.


Viscovery has been used in numerous publications; the following is a selection of those related to the life sciences and health. Visit to see more.

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Anomaly Detection in Emergency Call Data – the First Step to the Intelligent Emergency Call System Management
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Abstract | Full text

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